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Based out of Austria, look! design is a graphic design company which specializes in consumer branding, exhibit design, and corporate interior design. look! design approached Creative Map Solutions to provide aerial photography for the design of a large wall mural.  The client requested location required the compilation of over 1,700 square miles of aerial photography.

The Solution

The main challenge with this project involved the editing of the aerial photography within the San Francisco Bay. Intense editing was performed in Photoshop to enhance the imagery and eliminate unwanted anomalies in the aerial photos. This included "blending-in" areas, such as large water bodies, to create a seamless photo mosaic that is aesthetically pleasing and of presentation quality. 

A second challenge was filling in the missing imagery over San Francisco Bay. Typically aerial photography is not collected over large bodies of water. To remedy the problem, Creative Map Solutions acquired LandSat satellite imagery to fill in the gaps of missing data.

A grayscale shaded relief map, with a 5x vertical exaggeration, was designed and merged with the imagery to create a more dramatic effect with the terrain.

The resulting product was a 4.45m by 3.5m (12 ft. x 15 ft.) image of the San Francisco area, printed on wallpaper and displayed in an office.