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California Resources Corporation (CRC) is an oil and natural gas exploration and production company operating high-growth, high-return conventional and unconventional assets exclusively in California. CRC approached Creative Map Solutions to generate 6 foot by 4 foot aerial photograph prints for 5 different locations in California. The prints were to be displayed in the corporate conference rooms.

The Solution

One challenge was that the five locations requested by the client were rather large, ranging from 61 sq. miles to 215 sq. miles. Creative Map Solutions needed to obtain imagery at the best ground resolution possible, while maintaining manageable file sizes for the large prints. A second challenge was that these large areas would require multiple aerial photo frames that needed to be stitched together, color balanced, and then edited in Photoshop to enhance the imagery and eliminate unwanted anomalies in the aerial photos. This included "blending-in" areas, such as large water bodies, to create a "seamless" photo mosaic that is aesthetically pleasing and of presentation quality. 


The resulting delivered product was custom framed and displayed in the conference rooms at California Resources Corporation. The project was performed on-time and within the client's budget.