Public Land Survey- PLSS Land Grid

Land Grid Data

Our Public Land Survey is a seamless, high-resolution database of Congressional Survey townships and sections that is ideal for base maps and plotting land ownership and leases. Public Land Survey is offered as either USGS PLSS digitized from USGS 1:24,000 series topographic maps, or a hybrid BLM CAD NSDI PLSS with USGS land grid filled in (where BLM data is not available). For the USGS derived product, Creative Map Solutions used a highly accurate spatial averaging digitizing technique, which captures corner boundaries to +-30 feet.  We also provide land grid for Texas for CAD and GIS use.



  • Seamless coverage for states that fall in the Public Land Survey System.
  • Data delivered as an Esri File Geodatabase- Data can be provided in other formats such as .shp, .dwg, or Geographix
  • Pre-symbolized MXD template is provided for ArcGIS Desktop and ArcGIS for Server users
  • Pre-symbolized styles for Global Mapper users
  • Deploy the data through map servers such as ArcGIS for Server and MapServer
  • A unified and consitent dataset across states under the PLS system