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Aerial Photography- Imagery Enhancement In Photoshop in 60 Seconds


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Digitizing Contour Maps for CAD or GIS Has Never Been Easier

Digitizing Contour Maps for CAD or GIS Has Never Been Easier



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WiseImage Pro- Line Following/Line Tracing

In this example of WiseImage Pro, we are going to use the line following functionality to extract out a specific feature on the map.

For this demonstration, we will extract out the “index contours”.

Select “Convert” from the menu bar, and then choose “Conversion Options”.

In the “Preview Area” we can see that nothing is showing up, so this tells us that the “maximum width” setting is too low.

If we pick on the “Measure Value” button, we can change this setting so that WiseImage will trace lines that are approximately .32 inches thick.

This number will vary based on the width of the features shown on the image

We can now see the lines in our preview window.

Select “OK”.

Under the “Trace” option in the menu bar, select the “Line Following” option.

We can now zoom into the map, and select the feature that we want to extract.

WiseImage performs automatic digitizing until it gets to either a break in the line, or it hits an intersecting feature on the image.

WiseImage then allows the user to select the direction that the line following will travel in.

The software will automatically zoom as the line is being traced.

If there is a big gap in the data, instead of drawing a straight line, we can hold the “Control Button” down,


and then select “Force Segment”.

Click on the map, and then get back on the line, and it will continue tracing.

Now, it has reached the edge of the image.

At this point, we need to right-click, and we can choose “Change Direction”.

Or if we were done tracing, we could select “End”.

Since we started in the middle of the contour line we want to select “Change Direction”.

Finish the line by pointing in the correct direction.

WiseImage will continue tracing until it hits the end of the line.

We can now right-click and choose “End”.

If we right-click and select “Zoom All” you can see that the contour line has been digitized.

You would simply repeat the process until you have finished digitizing all of the contour lines on the map.


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