Scott Carter- Founder of Creative Map Solutions


My name is Scott C. Carter and I am the President and CEO of Creative Map Solutions, a Geographic Information System (GIS) solution and Mapping Support company based out of Firestone, CO. I earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing from the Metropolitan State University of Denver. Shortly after, I became the Lead Technical Consultant for IMT Associates and ISSI Spatial Technologies.

A true artist at heart, I have become an expert on a number industry leading software formats utilized for GIS, mapping, drafting, 3D modeling, and data conversion. These include Global Mapper, ArcGIS Desktop, Spatial Analyst, 3D Analyst, AutoCAD, Surfer, ET GeoWizards, Joomla, CorelDraw, and Adobe Photoshop. After leaving IMT Associates and ISSI Spatial Technologies, I found an innovative and successful way to marry both, my artistic prowess and my technological acumen. In 1998 I co-founded Digital Data Services, Inc., a GIS consultation and solution firm. I served as the President and Director of Marketing and Sales until January of 2015.

Over the last twenty years I have provided document conversion, technical support and consultation, and GIS and technical solutions to over 3,000 private and government companies. In addition, I have also designed cartographical renderings and supplied multimedia solutions to various publications and film companies. A few notable companies which I have partnered with include the Atlanta Falcons, DreamWorks™/Universal Studios, NIKE™, CNN, and the Discovery Channel.

Other projects of note on which I have been an integral player assuming the role of Project Manager include the USGS PLSS Data Conversion Project, the Western States Federal Lands GIS Ownership Files, the Bureau of Reclamation Data Conversion Project, the Great Lakes Digitization Project, BLM- Survey Maps Geo-referencing, and Mining Reclamation and Safety GIS for the State of Colorado. I have also provided consulting and performed work for the Bureau of Land Management with the conversion of Colorado land use documentation into a web-based application. Additionally, I have consulted with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) on an Internet based mapping application, which in turn, set the standard for their web-based map products.

I have had my work published in the standard version of the Grand Canyon National Parks Map as well as the 3D version, and I am certified in Contex Large Format Scanner Repair. In 2015 I took another step in my extensive career and founded Creative Map Solutions, adding “Serial Entrepreneur” to my resume. With my newest venture I strive to leverage my experience to handle everything from large one-time projects, to ongoing GIS and mapping support. I do this by engaging with my customers to provide the best geospatial solution to fit their needs, and most importantly, their budget.